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Spirituality and spiritual belonging

Just like you, I also constantly question myself and everything around me, from existence to relationships, from materialism, through consumerism to spiritual teachings and techniques for improving the psycho-physical state. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless you’re impatient to get an answer. If you are impatient, you consciously put yourself in a state of impatience and you always have that feeling that something is about to happen, but it never does. That something that you…

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How many loves do we get in a lifetime?

It is possible that, after reading the title of the article, you automatically got the answer to this question in your mind. When I ask people around me how many loves do we get in a lifetime, answers are always so different. Some people claim that we love only once in a lifetime. Others believe that we love as many times as we allow ourselves to love, while on the other side there’s a belief…

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