Life & Style

Life and Style by Kanis Life includes stories about everyday topics, interesting things, recommendations, jobs, ideas. As the original idea of the blog was to write about my freelance experiences and, in general, the jobs I was engaged in, I wanted that also those first articles are to be found on these pages (they’re still useful to many people!)

Although the name Life & Style reminds me of some kind of fashion blog – my fashion knowledge goes to “I know enough about it (fashion) to know how to dress up for any occasion, apply make-up and do my hair” level. Actually here, you will find recommendations for numerous books, read about ways you can earn money online, how to prepare for your next trip. You will probably find a lot of useful information, and for some people this category might be completely pointless.

Anyway – enjoy, in the meaningfulness or meaninglessness of this Kanis Life’s blog page.