Local coffee places in Belgrade for early risers

If you are wondering where to drink a great cup of coffee, here you can find the selection of coffee places in Belgrade that offer excellent beans and flavors. And along with coffee, most of them also offer a pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff and wonderful ambient.

Coffee culture in Belgrade is similar to one in France, if I’d have to compare it with any other country. Everyone is taking time with it and it’s a true social activity, which makes people bond while savoring the nice cup of coffee.

In Belgrade, like in other big cities there are coffee chains such as Starbucks, or local/regional ones like Kafeterija, Cafe&Factory, Coffee Dream etc, but this article is focused on local neighbourhood cafes. Nevertheless, considering the number of amazing coffee places in Belgrade, it’s hard to select only a few. But, let’s start with some suggestions you’ll love.

La Casa de Cafe

coffee places in Belgrade

Working hours: From 8am to 11pm

Location: Bulevar Vudroa Vilsona 8, Beograd

Best way to describe it: great variety of hot & cold brews, pet friendly, outdoor sitting

Check their Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/lacasa_decaffe/

Whether you’re a fan of Ethiopian, Guatemalan or Brazilian coffee, in La Casa de Cafe you can try them all. Mild-roasted coffee beans and unique espresso experience will wake up all of your senses, while you’ll enjoy the family atmosphere. Every day, you can find different coffee flavours from all over the world and their baristas will ensure the full experience. Based in the Belgrade waterfront, this is a great location to start your day and enjoy the riverside walk.

La Casa de Cafe is opening up at 8am every morning, so it’s a perfect spot for those looking to start their day in a nice environment and great coffee flavours. They’re proud to be serving great variety of coffees, along with lots of breakfast & brunch options, while in the afterwook hours you can stop by for some nice cocktail or freshly squeezed juice.



Working hours: From 8am to 6pm, Sat & Sun from 9am-6pm

Location: Dobracina 59B, Beograd

Best way to describe it: self service, pet friendly, urban Belgrade spot

Check their Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/przionicabg

Mix of industrial & urban style, it’s a chill place where locals gather during working days, but also weekends. You’ll be greeted by a casual team, a small space and a pleasant atmosphere that smells like coffee paradise. They have both outdoor and indoor sitting options, the coffee is roasted in front of you, and when the weather is nice in this increasingly lively Dorcol street, the team sits on the stairs and drinks several espressos in a row.

This coffee place in Belgrade is also occasionally organizing degustations and workshops, where you can learn everything about the roasting process, sampling, cupping and of course, enjoying the great cup of coffee at the end. Many people will go for the cold brew, but it’s up to you to decide which flavours you’d like to enjoy the most.


coffee places in belgrade

Working hours: From 8am till midnight, Sun from 9am

Location: Golsvordijeva 2, Beograd

Best way to describe it: self service, pet friendly, urban Belgrade spot

Check their Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/robusta.vracar/

If you happen to be in Vracar, for sure you’ll find large number of coffee shops in the area. Every block has its own coffee place where you can enjoy your morning or afternoon coffee. Well, Robusta is one of them.

Located near the Kalenic market, this sunny place awaits you with a turquoise interior, open windows and a team from the area who drink coffee one after another, while reading a newspaper taken from the bar, in the company of neighbors or pets. Since the place is open until midnight, you can stop by in the afternoon and in the evenings. Sometimes on weekends, they have various DJs playing the music. Along with good selection of coffee, there is also a variety of alcoholic drinks.

Lula fine espresso bar


Working hours: From 7am to 11pm, Sat & Sun from 8am-11pm

Location: Stanoja Glavasa 18

Best way to describe it: coffee specialists, cozy sitting, pet friendly

Check their Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/lula.coffee

Before or after work, this would be the right coffee place in Belgrade to go! In Serbia it’s pretty common enjoying the cup of coffee even in the afternoon. Call it a cultural thing. Lula is offering one of the best espresso experiences around Belgrade, so it would be a great choice for espresso lovers.

They nurture the Italian style, so in the mornings you can also enjoy the cup of cappuccino with croissant, while in the afternoon you can chill with a glass of nice Aperol Spritz. Bright and cozy interior will make you enjoy the experience even more.

Kafeterija Secer


Working hours: From 8am to 10pm

Location: Zadarska 2

Best way to describe it: great variety of coffee & sweets, outdoor space

Check their Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/kafeterijasecer

This cute and quite “Instagrammable” coffee place in Belgrade attracts lots of locals, but also tourists. They have great variety of sweet coffees, drinks and pastries, so you can try something like almond pie cappuccino, pink latte (that is actually pink!), classic moka and many others.

You’ll also encounter friendly staff and beautiful design, which will make your experience complete. When it comes to prices, you might see the prices are a bit higher than in other coffee places in Belgrade, but it’s worth visiting!

Kafeterija Mlin

coffee place in belgrade

Working hours: From 8am to 11pm

Location: Bezanijska 41, Zemun

Best way to describe it: great variety of coffee & sweets, outdoor space

Check their Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/mlinkafeterija

What you’ll notice as soon as you enter this coffee shop are all the details related to coffee. Followed by great variety of coffee, from Tanzania to Brazil, you can also grab a book from their library and enjoy reading it during your coffee break. They also have an interesting breakfast choice, if you get hungry thanks to the all appealing smells around you.

Zemun is a part of Belgrade that’s on the “other side” of the river and there aren’t recommendations high enough that could be giving for visiting Zemun. So, why not combine some sightseeing with great cup of coffee?

Kafe Supa


Working hours: From 8am to midnight

Location: Jug Bogdanova 17

Best way to describe it: vintage interior, small & cozy bar, outdoor sitting

Check their Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/kafesupa/

If you love the vintage and cozy atmosphere, Kafe Supa is a great coffee place in Belgrade to spend time with your friends. It is a place where you feel welcome from the moment you step in and every coffee is served with ratluk (also known as lokum in Turkish). You’ll notice that the place is full of plants and vintage stuff on two floors, followed by the small garden behind the coffee place. It’s located in center and well connected to all parts of Belgrade.

If you like feeling all tucked in surrounded by friendly faces, lots of plants and a quirky cats, then Supa is the place you’re looking for. It’s great both for morning me-time coffees and weekend warm-ups.

Laboratorija 65


Working hours: From 8am to midnight, Sat & Sun from 9am to midnight

Location: Omladinskih brigada 86J, local number 4

Best way to describe it: modern, small & cozy

Check their Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/laboratorija65/

A visit to the Laboratorija 65 (Laboratory 65) will bring you back to the childhood, when almost all of us wanted to be inventors. The best thing you can have in this place is, of course, coffee, and a whole team of “chemists” works to make sure you taste the real, full taste of coffee in a pleasant, futuristic interior in New Belgrade area.

In addition to coffee, they also offer a variety of teas, natural juices made from a mixture of fruits, served in laboratory test tubes. If you want something to snack on, there are croissants, bagels prepared in several ways and cakes.

In all honesty, not even 10 articles would be enough to describe the best coffee places in Belgrade. There are just too many of them, where you can have the unique coffee experience and amazing blends of tastes. The best option is to explore it yourself and find the spot that matches your vibe. If, however, you’d prefer to go to some known and verified local coffee place in Belgrade, feel free to visit any of the places mentioned above.

Just keep in mind one important fact – smoking is still allowed inside of majority of places in Serbia. However, majority of places offer outdoor sitting even during the winter time!

If there’s any other place you think should be included in the list, write in the comments down below!


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